The Foundry Group


The Foundry Group was founded in 2012 as an answer to a common request from high technology companies at both the Start-up and high growth stages seeking marketing expertise and strategic advice to take their companies to the “next level” through the acquisition of growth capital (ie. venture capital).

Companies in this situation commonly require assistance in understanding and properly setting a strategic direction, then describing their value proposition, positioning themselves versus their competition, deriving an easy to understand business plan, developing proper marketing materials, in print and online, to assist customers in finding and evaluating company offerings.

The Foundry Group provides strategic marketing and management services, with a particular focus on start-up companies looking to develop strategies for high velocity growth and to match those companies up with venture or angel capital financing. Our clients are typically high technology companies with a highly skilled pool of engineers, researchers and/or scientists that require expertise and guidance on taking the company to the next stage of commercialization.

We provide a complete suite of services from developing a growth strategy, developing a marketing plan, channel strategies, brand development and management and business development.  Our services can be used individually or to enhance your existing capabilities to create a complete business campaign.

We would typically be brought into a company by the executive team or the board of directors for a project which may last several hours or many months.  Compensation is dependent on the scope of the project and can be a combination of cash and stock.